At the age of eleven, Tre ‘Storm’ Preston was introduced to his first style of dance, B-Boying. While training with a crew named “New Age B-boys”, he developed this style heavily for six years. By Fall 2004, he started training in contemporary for 2 semesters under Lynn George at W.B. Ray High Corpus Christi, TX. During these semesters he obtained a love and found a passion for dance. He attended Texas A&M College Station after graduating and joined a dance group known as ”Fade to Black”. He trained and performed with this group for 4 semesters between Spring 2006 and Spring 2008. They performed at numerous talent shows, festivals, school functions & gatherings; including the A&M traditional “Midnight Yells”. While living in the Dallas area, Tre was offered his first instructing position in Feb 2009. Without much formal training, he has been fortunate enough to work with many local artists, including female R&B group “Lush.” He has trained over 250 artists of all calibers over the past 3 years to become better performers as they move on to audition and/or sign with a management company or label. He also holds a love for preparing dancers for a professional career. Tre Preston has a deep passion for studying music and illustrating his interpretation of sound. His most recent work in includes:
Lush (CKG Entertainment)
Allison Park (UNIVERSTAL, FOR TOUR w/ Plain White T)
Kelsey Chaos (WARPED TOUR)
Remington (‘THE NEXT’ ON THE CW)
Jordana (‘THE NEXT’ ON THE CW)
Choreographer & Creative Director for KIDZBOP
Choreographer for Elijah J (KIDZBOP Kid & Solor Artist)
KIDSTAR USA 2011 Winner Kiana Brown

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